Monday, April 9, 2012


I received a wonderful gift from my husband at Christmas. He gave me an IPad and I have been able to incorporate it into my music business. And you can use it for your music, too. Here is a list of how you can make yor iPad work for you musically. 

 1. Connect with iTunes to download backing tracks to use for your songs.   Most are less than $1.00 to download, as you know.

 2. Buy some speakers to pump up the volume on your iPad. A good set can cost as little as $25.00 at Walmart.
 3. Your iPad can even be plugged into a large speaker and can be used when performing.

 4. Record yourself singing your songs. You can do it on Soundcloud or use your camera in the video mode under your
 "Photography" section.

5. My best tip is going to YouTube and typing in your favorite song and add the word "karaoke" at the end of the song and search YouTube for it. There are thousands (maybe even 10s of thousands) of songs to choose from. Start practicing these songs. If you don't feel comfortable singing them alone, just search YouTube for the artist's version and sing with that until you feel comfortable singing by yourself. 

 6. Take these songs with you to your vocal lesson and sing for your teacher. 

7. When you feel comfortable with your songs, video yourself and put it on YouTube!  Use your Smartphone or Iphone with speakers
to play the music as you sing and record yourself with your iPad.

8. I have recorded every student video that is on my YouTube with this iPad. It is so portable--you just need to have a Wifi connection wherever you go. You can even record in McDonald's.

 You can do all this with your iPad. You can even start a blog on your progression. I am typing all this on my iPad at this moment! If you can think of more ways to use your iPad musically, please comment and share here. I would love to get your feedback. I only have one comment so far and would love to have more. So let me hear from you.

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Linda Price said...

Oh, yes - I thought of another way to use your iPad. Copy the lyrics to your songs off the internet and store them in your "Memo" section on your iPad so you have them handy.