Thursday, September 20, 2012


Okay, so we are seeing lots of music contests on television lately.  I hope all you voice students are taking notes out there!  There is a wealth of information being given in each show.  Here is a list of factors you should be watching with each contestant:

-  The confidence they are displaying.
-  The talent of the singer.
-  The song choice.  This can make or break a singer.
-   Whether the singer is singing on pitch or not.
-   The energy the singer is showing.
-   The movements of the singer.
-   If the singer "connects" with their audience.  Eye contact is everything.
-   Is the singer believable?
-   Are they pronouncing their words and opening their mouths?  Do they have a pleasant look?

Listen closely to the judges and their critiques of each contestant.  This is valuable information.  Take  notes because you will forget very important factors.  These shows are  a gold mine of information, so pay close attention to everything they have to say.

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