Saturday, April 13, 2013


When a student quits piano or voice for starting a sport, it makes me sad. I know athletics are important, but you can only play softball, etc. for so long. My dad is 89 years old and do you think he plays any sports? No, but he is still singing every day and still loving it! He has joined a wonderful community chorus where he lives and has a 3 hour practice every Monday night. They also perform several times a year. I also have a friend who comes to the assisted living home where I work once a month and plays the piano for the residents. She is in her 80's. Both she and the residents enjoy her concerts. And I am no "spring chicken." I am still teaching voice and piano in my retirement and will continue to as long as my fingers and vocal chords still work. :). So, you can see how performing and loving music can bring you joy all your life. What a wonderful gift God has given us. So, next time you hear a young person talk about giving up playing their instrument or singing, please show them the "big picture." Maybe they will reconsider their choices in life.

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Becky Buck said...

Thank you for your blog Linda. I so agree that music is for a lifetime. I am in my 60's now. Music reaches into my heart and influences my thinking as much now as ever, especially when going through difficult situations. To think that we can bring joy and comfort to others through music, as well as encouragement and empowerment. I understand how young people want to branch out and go into other directions, but I wish they would be able to make room for both. Yes, it takes discipline and sacrifice, but in the end they will reap so much more reward. As I look back on my youth, I regret that I didn't remain steadfast in my piano lessons. Today, when I sit down at the piano to play, I frequently think back to those days. Thank you for offering your gift of music to others, your students have such an opportunity to learn and share their gifts, too, and to make a difference in others lives as well.