Thursday, February 14, 2013


I watched most of Idol last night and was pretty disappointed with what I heard group-wise. Yes, some of the voices were outstanding, but the harmonies weren't there for the most part. These days, I just wonder how this younger generation is learning music theory. Most of the schools no longer teach it. Actually, the only place we can learn to read music is either in the church choir or by taking voice and piano lessons. (I remember singing in church when i was young and trying to learn the alto part out of the hymnbook. When I mastered the alto part, i went on to the tenor part and learned to sing tenor. And if I could reach the bass part with my voice, I would even try that.:) ) And, yes, we also have the performing arts schools that are keeping it alive. I have an adult vocal student who is learning to read music. She sings in her church choir, but she wants that one-on-one help from an instructor. I love the sound of three-part and four-part harmony, but I often wonder how our young singers are going to learn it. I feel it is my job to teach this fast disappearing musical training as often as possible.

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