Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I am so excited about the happenings at Music Instruction Studio! We are expanding into the next space which is even larger than the space we are in now. This will allow me to do many new things with my voice students.

- I will have a larger studio.
- We will have a large room where we can have General 
Music Classes.
- We will have a mic and speakers set up in the large 
room so I can work with my students on stage 
presence,how to use a mic in singing, and 
Incorporating choreography into the music. 
- Also, the possibility of developing show choirs and 
even a Seniors choir.
- Working with formed groups of girl and boy bands.
- And, the possibility of students doing a professional
Recording demo and/or video. 

Just so many new possibilities! We will be moving in by next week. Jon is on a fast track of getting this space finished.

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